The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little… “extra”.
Credem Banca wants to celebrate this spirit by telling stories of “extra-ordinary” volleyball players around Italy.
Extra-ordinary is a social responsibility project, written by Problemi di Volley and strongly supported by Credem Banca. With our van, we traveled around Italy to meet “extra-ordinary” volleyball players, tell their stories, and surprise them thanks to the participation of professional athletes of the caliber of Alberto Cisolla, Cristina Chirichella, Matteo Piano and others. Credem Banca then donated equipment, clothing and volleyballs to help these incredible lads carry out their dreams.
I took care of the Creative Direction, ideating and writing the format, and supervising the Video Production.


Creative Director: Matteo Sciascia 
Video Making: Nello Giordano
Sound: Gabriele Cardullo
Photography: Lorenzo Morandi 
Social Media Specialist: Tommaso Dotta 
Copywriter: Tania Loschi ​​​​​​​

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