The Objective 
The Enel Group operates in more than 30 countries, bringing energy to people through the adoption of new sustainable-oriented technologies. The brand came to TikTok to reach Gen Z and Millennials and engage the future generations on the importance of renewable energy, whilst ensuring the campaign had a humorous and entertaining approach. 
The Solution
Enel partnered with TikTok’s Creative Lab and Alberto Giannone, a popular TikTok science creator, and sent him to two green power plants - a wind one in Italy and a solar one in Spain, to talk about renewable energy through educational and engaging content. More than 20 videos were produced debunking common myths and misconceptions of green energy, underlining  Enel’s commitment to this challenge, ensuring they were easy to understand and fit within TikTok’s unique creative language. .
The Results
Leveraging the creative tips from TikTok’s Creative Lab ensured the campaign videos were entirely relevant and native to the platform, with strong campaign performance. Overall, the ads achieved over 70 million impressions and 636,000 clicks and a click-through rate of 0.91%. In terms of engagement, the campaign received over 204,000 likes and 3,600 shares, confirming a strong interest towards sustainability from the TikTok community. 

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