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For the launch of the new collection of fragrances by ALESSI, Triboo realise a 360° interactive web experience. Think Cattleya and MONOGRID help them with the WebGl / 3D part of the experience. The idea was to let the user have a magic trip inside the worlds of the five essences.
The website is made with WebGL and can be used from desktop, tablet and mobile. Using this technology allowed us to create an interactive and immersive experience through innovative techniques both in software development and in the creation of 2D and 3D contents.
The drops, navigable from the homepage, are an access door to explore five different environments. Each world is populated by dynamically animated 3D elements that compose the perfume's ethereal reality. With engaging visuals and sound effects, the user is invited to interact with the surrounding elements in a sort of game, thanks to small transformations, effects and movements controlled by his "click". The website lets the user explore five distinct 360° environments (navigable by clicking and dragging on desktop or swiping on mobile), defined by kaleidoscopic patterns that envelop the fragrances. In each world a hotspot carries the user in a dedicated product page where he can directly purchase the products and choose which form of olfactory diffusion is most suitable for him.​​​​​​​
Creative Director
Sergio Esposito
Alessandro Manno
Senior Digital Art Director
Filippo Solimena
Raffaele Avallone
Matteo Sciascia
Senior Copywriter
Tania Loschi
Project Manager
Martina Merletti
Marta Paini
Executive Producer
Francesco Bernabei
Letizia Di Battista
Project Manager
Cinzia Vilardi
Art Director
Margherita Fortuna
UX Designer
Marco Trevisani
Tech Lead
Neri Barnini

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