MCR is an expert team providing tailor made advisory services to help our client maximising their value: resolving problems, accelerating growth and managing business operation efficiently and effectively. The business model can be linked to an atom, with a centralized platform for experts to work together like electrons circling around a nucleus.

Contemporary | Minimalist | Original | Reliable | Memorable | Credible | Powerful | Trustworthy
I thought of a minimalistic but complex design system, whose foundations rest on a modern sans-serif font.  Small colored spheres rotate around the logo,
just like atomic particles float around the nucleus, connecting all the dots and giving the brand dynamism and movement. Colors are designed to convey feelings of reliability, security and trust. Just what you would expect from a seasoned team of finance leaders. The logo is mutable: letters move to create the idea of a responsive element that is constantly transforming and evolving, just like companies do.

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